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When to get a windshield chip repaired

Able Auto Glass expalins when to get a windshield chip repaired in Prescott.Able Auto Glass understands how frustrating it is to hear that loud pop sound as your driving and then seeing a nice impact on your windshield.  Now what are you supposed to do?  Can it be fixed?  Do you need a new windshield?  Able Auto Glass will try to shed some light on the subject of windshield chip repair in Prescott.


Here are some common guidelines in determining if you need a repair or a new windshield.  You should be eligible for a repair if:



1. The damage to your windshield can be covered by a dollar bill.


2. There are less than four total chips on your windshield.


3. The damage in question is NOT located on the edge of the windshield.


4. Said damage is not in your line of sight.


5. The new damage is not in front of a rain sensor or a camera that is in the windshield.



The good news is that windshield repairs are affordable.  There is really no reason to delay getting it repaired.  Your insurance may also cover the repair at no cost to you.  If you let the damage go without repair, it is possible that it will grow in size causing you to need a full windshield replacement.  The best time to get that new chip repaired is right after it happens.


We here at Able Auto Glass in Prescott will try to schedule your repair as quickly as possible as we know how inconvenient it can be.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss your damage with us directly, please contact us by calling 928-515-4833 today!


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