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We do more than auto glass! Add glass shelves to your home decor!
Windshield chip repair by Able Auto Glass in Prescott

We do more than auto glass! Add glass shelves to your home decor!

Although our name is Able Auto Glass, we are your glass experts for all types of glass needs, from a broken window in your home, to decorating with glass shelving. Because we can custom cut your glass shelving, you are in charge of the shelving design in your Prescott home. If you haven’t considered glass shelving, now may be the time!

There are many reasons to love glass shelving. Like: “it’s there but not really there” quality. Since glass shelves are transparent, they seamlessly blend into their environment, creating a light and airy feel in any room they inhabit. Two of the most popular reasons to use glass shelving are the way they reinforce the brightness in crisp, white spaces and the way they keep dark rooms from being too heavy.

  • Sometimes a bookshelf just takes up too much room (and floor space) but you need space to show off your collectibles. Why not consider “floating” glass shelves along the wall instead? With this subtle type of shelving, your items take top billing!
  • Glass shelving is also ideal for kitchens where it can give the storage area a light and airy feel. It gives you extra storage, while not blocking the view of your kitchen - and we all know the kitchen is the area where people tend to gather at parties! Don’t forget about the fabulous display possibilities offered by glass shelving in the kitchen. After all, this is a space filled with dishes, serving pieces and interesting collectibles. While it may be tempting to show everything off, remember that the clean look of glass shelving complements uncluttered arrangements, so less is more!
  • Want to partition an area while still keeping the open feel? Why not utilize a bookshelf with glass shelves? This will allow you to make two spaces out of one, without the confining feel of a solid wall.
  • The powder room is by far the most popular location for glass shelving in the home. In fact, bathroom shelves provide a clean, fresh look that works well in a space that’s all about bathing (and creating a spa-like setting)! Darker bathrooms can especially benefit from glass shelves. When surfaces in brown, grey and other rich neutrals are contrasted with the clarity of transparent shelving, the result is a clean, modern look.
  • Glass shelving in the home office? Why not?! Books and other heavy items can appear cluttered on office shelving. But when sturdy glass is involved, a touch of elegance is added to the room without weighing it down.

So as you can see, glass shelving can be used throughout your home in a number of different ways. Another big plus for glass shelving is the ease of cleaning! No worry about wood getting wet. Just clear off the shelf, grab the window cleaner and you have shelves looking like new again!

From home glass repair to custom designs, Able Auto Glass has it all and is ready to help you today. For any of your glass needs or repairs in Prescott, just call us at 928-515-4833 for a free quotation.


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