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Suggestions for Dealing with Windshield Cracks
Windshield chip repair by Able Auto Glass in Prescott

Suggestions for Dealing with Windshield Cracks

Windshiled Cracks in Prescott Repaired by Able Auto GlassAs windshield replacement professionals in Prescott, Able Auto Glass knows that it only takes a single chip in your windshield to start a crack. We’d like to offer some suggestions on how to keep the crack from affecting your safety while driving.

Location - Where is the crack located? Is it off to the side and out of the driver’s view, or does it affect the driver’s ability to see the road clearly? If it’s out of the way, you can probably put off replacement for a while. If it affects the driver’s vision, the time to replace it is now!

Size - If the crack is not distracting the driver’s view of the road, how long is the crack? If it is less than 12 inches, or a chip is smaller than the size of a quarter, the integrity of the windshield has probably not been affected so you can safely put off the repair/replacement. But it is important to remember that each crack can be unique and you may want to get an expert opinion.

Dirt - If you decide to wait to have the repairs done, you need to try and keep as much dirt and debris as possible out of the crack.If dirt gets into a crack it can make it harder to repair. If water gets into a crack and freezes, it can make a small crack turn into something requiring a windshield replacement. If the crack is out of the driver’s vision, you might try using a piece of clear packing tape over the crack to help keep out dirt and water.

Sun - Because the sun can heat up your windshield and cause it to expand, it can also cause the crack to expand. So if you’ve decided to put off the repair of the windshield crack, you may want to park the car indoor to avoid too much heating from the sun.

Always remember, safety first. Putting off fixing that cracked windshield should not be considered a solution. For safety reasons, you should get the windshield to an expert as soon as possible. Just call Able Auto Glass at 928-515-4833. And remember, we also are a mobile glass repair in the Prescott area, so we can come to you.


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