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Not all auto glass is the same
Windshield chip repair by Able Auto Glass in Prescott

Not all auto glass is the same

One thing you may or may not know, not all auto glass is created the same. So what does that mean for you? Luckily, when treating or replacing a windshield in Prescott, Able Auto Glass technicians can work on any glass in the industry. Still, you will want to know what type of glass you have for safety and insurance claims.

The first step to understanding your windshield is asking if it is OEM. What does that mean? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Sometimes it is important to stick with products that are OEM and sometimes not. Here are some things to think about:

  • Will insurance pay for an OEM windshield?
  • Is the original available?
  • Which products are the highest quality and the safest?
  • Affordability?

These are questions you should be asking. Don’t assume the auto glass company is going to install the best quality glass. Sometimes it is ideal for the product to be OEM and sometimes it isn’t. There are manufacturers of auto glass that make a better product. All windshield manufacturers must meet Federal guidelines, but there are different quality windshields within those guidelines.

Let Able Auto glass help you determine what is the absolute safest windshield for you. Since all auto glass is not created equal, let us help you when it is time for that windshield replacement in Prescott. From home glass repair to custom designs, Able Auto Glass does it all and is ready to help you today. For any of your glass needs or repairs in Prescott, call us at 928-515-4833 for a free quotation.


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