Windshield chip repair by Able Auto Glass in Prescott

Fixing Cracked Windows In Your Home To Save Energy

Think of Able Auto Glass for all of your vehicle or home glass needs.Able Auto Glass not only replaces Prescott area automobile windows, we are also your local source for replacement of glass throughout your home. With the cold weather arriving, it is time to take a look at that cracked window that you haven't fixed yet.

The Department of Energy states that winterizing your home windows can help you save up to 10% on your energy bills, so let’s take a look at some thoughts:

  • A cracked window pane is a sure source for the cold outside air to make its way into our home. And the cold temperatures outside can actually put stress on the glass and cause the crack to grow or the window to fail.
  • If you have double pane windows that look blurry, it is probably because air has gotten between the window panes and formed condensation. This means that the window is no longer giving you the insulation factor that you expect. This is also a sign that a window should be replaced.
  • Check your caulking on a regular basis. Although caulk does not seal a window completely, it does help restrict airflow and can keep out the cold drafts.
  • During the winter months, if you feel a cold draft, it is well worth your time to stop and figure out where it is coming from and find a solution to stop the draft. Not only will you save on your energy costs, you will also be more comfortable in your home during the winter months.

A quality mobile glass repair company like Able Auto Glass can replace just a single pane of glass without having to replace the entire window. Our home window repair in Prescott is quick and easy. We can also help with custom mirrors, table tops, windows (large or small), or anything you can throw at us, glass is what we do. Let us know how we can help. Just give us a call at 928-515-4833 for more information on the services we provide.


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