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Dangers of Driving with a Sandblasted Windshield

Able Auto Glass can replace your sandblasted windshield in PrescottIf you’ve driven in Arizona during the summer months, you‘ve probably experienced blowing dust or sand storms. A dust storm can come up quickly and block your visibility when you’re driving. In winter months, you may encounter sand or gravel that has been applied to icy roads. But the sand particles do a lot more than just get your car dirty. Able Auto Glass explains to Prescott drivers what it means to have your windshield “sandblasted” and why it can be dangerous.

What Does Sandblasted Mean?
Sandblasting is when tiny sand particles repeatedly hit your windshield. The impact creates pits in the glass, degrading visibility and reducing the effectiveness of windshield wipers. Over time the tiny holes weaken your windshield and make it vulnerable to further deterioration.
Can I Prevent Sandblasting?
While there is no way to prevent particles from hitting your windshield, there are ways you can minimize damage. Tailgating is the leading cause of sandblasting. When you follow too closely behind other vehicles, rocks, dirt and sand are kicked up by their tires and hit the glass surface.
And the closer you are, the more damage the particles will do to your windshield. Always maintain a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you to lessen the impact of those inevitable flying objects.

Cover or Garage your Vehicle.
Sandblasting can occur even when you’re not driving. Leaving your vehicle out in the weather allows dust particles carried in snow, rain and hail to create small pits on your windshield. Cover your vehicle or park in a garage to prevent damage.

Repair or Replace a Sandblasted Windshield?
Although the windshield may appear clear enough to serve its purpose, badly pitted windshields are a safety hazard. As sunlight hits the windshield at certain angles, it can reduce visibility to zero. The small pits can turn into larger chips and cracks, and cracks that already exist may worsen.

Don’t take chances where safety is concerned! If you’re driving with a sandblasted windshield, let Able Auto Glass examine your windshield and give you a quote. We specialize in auto glass repairs in the Prescott area including chip repairs and windshield replacement. Call us today for an estimate at 928-515-4833.


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